ACES Muscat Organizes a Technical Event for its Clients in Oman

26 Jul 2012
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ACES Muscat in its business development program organised a very detailed Technical Presentation for services offered at the facility. The office in Muscat-Oman was officially opened three years ago for selected and targeted projects that ACES won for its excellent reputation.
After the successful completion of the projects with good satisfactory record from the clients, ACES Muscat, decided to put a comprehensive business plan to avail its services to the whole consulting and contracting market in Oman, in addition to the other market areas among the private and public sectors as well.
The presentation was held at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Muscat on Sunday June 10, 2012. ACES introduced in this presentation its professional and specialised individuals who are directly involved in the technical assessment and supervision of all the technical works.
ACES presentations included:

  • Site and Geotechnical Investigations, including specialist in-situ testing.
  • Geotechnical Analysis Scope: Load-Deformation, Seepage, Slope Stability,
  • Laboratory Tests including specialist Geotechnical Tests.
  • Chemistry & Environmental Testing for Soil & Water
  • Geophysical Investigations: surface and Borehole Geophysics.
  • Pile Tests (quality Control Tests on Drilled and Driven piles)
  • Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring
  • Pavement Investigations and Studies, including FWD studies, super-pave design concepts..
  • Land and Marine Survey
  • Geological Mapping, Rock mass Property Measurements, and Rock Slope Stability Studies

This was a great opportunity to meet the specialists and discuss areas of interest in addition to exchange contact details for future communication.

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