ACES Regional Center of Excellence for Pavement Studies Completes the Dubai International Airport Evaluation Project

15 Oct 2017

ACES Regional Center of Excellence(RCE) for Pavement Studies and Evaluation has successfully completed an extensive study at the Dubai International Airport (DXB) to evaluate the pavement condition of the southern runway, its associated taxiways and general service equipment (GSE) roads around the airport facilities and concourses.

The detailed scope of work, which was awarded to ACES RCE by Dar Al Handasah, included several highly specialized destructive and non-destructive evaluation methods. The non-destructive scope included visual inspection and documentation of the present condition and existing types of distresses, pavement condition index (PCI) evaluation, international roughness index (IRI) evaluation and Boeing bump index (BBI) evaluation using the laser roughness profiler. Furthermore, the pavement deflection, modulus of elasticity, modulus of subgrade and load transfer efficiency were non-destructively evaluated using the super heavy falling weight deflectometer (SH-FWD).

Results of the above-mentioned tests were cross-checked and accompanied by destructive evaluation of the pavement by excavation of test pits, drilling of asphalt and concrete cores on rigid and flexible payment layers, and a thorough lab testing program was carried out to determine the physical and mechanical properties of the sampled materials.

Being the world’s third and sixth busiest airport in terms of passenger and cargo traffic respectively, introduced an added layer of complexity during work completion. With only two operational runways, all sampling and field work had to be completed on taxiways with live aircraft traffic, and all sampling points (test pits and cores) required drilling, excavation, and reinstatement during very limited runway closure periods in close coordination with air traffic control.

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