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The Arab Center for Engineering Studies (ACES) announces the appointment of Dr. Naeem Abdulhadi and Eng. Izzat Katkhuda as ACES Group co-Chief Executive Officers (co-CEOs) effective 1st of January 2021 for all ACES Group network of companies.

The co-founders, Dr. Izz Eddin Katkhuda and Dr. Omar Abdulhadi, who acted as co-CEOs since 1983 and led ACES succesfuly to become the regional leader in its field of operations, will serve as members of the board of directors and will continue to support and oversee ACES performance and guide its strategic direction.

Dr. Naeem Abdulhadi and Eng. Izzat Katkhuda held the position of Deputy CEOs of ACES Group during the past 7 years where they have implemented key internal structural improvements and managed to elevate the company’s capabilities, performance, structure and governance during this period, to international standards.

Dr. Naeem Abdulhadi joined ACES Group in 2010 and has held several technical and managerial positions. Dr. Naeem obtained his Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from University College London (UCL), Masters degree in Geotechnical Engineering from Imperial College London, and Doctorate degree in Geotechnical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the USA. He also worked in London with world-class engineering firms.

Eng. Izzat Katkhuda joined ACES Group in 2011 and has held multiple technical and managerial positions. Eng. Izzat obtained his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Civil and Geotechnical Engineering from Northwestern University in the USA, and his Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from INSEAD in France. He has worked with leading engineering and stategy consulting companies in the USA and the Middle East.

The appointment of the co-CEOs will help ACES achieve its long term vision on the path of continued growth and transform it into a global player.