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ACES has performed engineering services for tens of power generation projects across our geographic footprint. We have conducted elaborate geotechnical investigations with extensive field and laboratory testing for nuclear powerplants, offshore investigations and environmental for coal power plant to name a few.

Over the past ten years, we have also contributed in the completion of several renewable energy generation projects including wind farms and solar farms across the region.

We understand that each site, power generation method and transmission technology have their specific needs, and we have provided our core service to local and international clients with great success. 


Services that we offer for power & energy projects:


Highlighted Projects:

  • Al Thumama Mega Reservoir - Doha
  • Solar Energy Parks for Wadi Ad Dawasir - Amman
  • Al Fujeij Wind Farm - Amman
  • Jordan Nuclear Power Plant - Amman
  • Mirfa Independent Water & Power Plan - Abu Dhabi

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