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ACES becomes Middle East ASTM Approved Training and Certification Provider

ACES has signed an agreement with ASTM International to become regional provider of training and certification programs for tests related to the construction industry.

Per the agreement, ACES will develop the training course materials, carry out the lectures through its in house expert instructors, and provide training facilities and equipment for practical learning. Upon course completion, the participants will be tested and scored by ASTM International.

Participants achieving a passing grade will become ASTM certified for the tested scope of work.

To date, ACES has conducted 15 ASTM Certification courses and exams for 250 participants focusing on asphalt materials in Kuwait, which covered field testing and sampling, laboratory testing and mix designs of asphalt materials. Additionally, ACES has conducted 4 ASTM Certification courses and exams for 134 participants in Doha, Qatar, for Asphalt, Aggregate, and Soil testing.