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ACES Group is pleased to announce the appointment of its first official Board of Directors. The newly appointed Board, which consists of seven members, including three Independent Directors, started its four-year term on October 4th, 2022.

The members of ACES Group BoD are:

  • Dr. Izz Eddin Katkhuda - Chairperson
  • Dr. Omar Abdulhadi - Vice Chairperson
  • Dr. Naeem Abdulhadi - Group Co-CEO
  • Mr. Izzat Katkhuda - Group Co-CEO
  • Mr. Basem Salfiti – Independent Director
  • Mr. Omar M. Masri - Independent Director
  • Mr. Wael Allan - Independent Director


The Board has also formed two committees headed by Independent Directors with Non-Executive membership focused on Audit & Risk and Nomination & Remuneration. Additionally,  Board Chairmanship will rotate between the ACES Founders, Dr. Izzeddin Katkhuda and Dr. Omar Abdulhadi, midway through the four-year term.

The Board members bring a wealth of experience, extraordinary professional achievements, and thought leadership that will contribute to and enhance the Group's future strategy and execution. Further, the Board is committed to implementing the ACES Group governance principles of accountability, fairness, transparency, responsibility, and effective oversight.