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ACES Jordan has recently been awarded the geotechnical investigation, instrumentation, and monitoring of the Rehabilitation of Arab Potash Company (APC) Dike 19 Project (Stage 2), which is considered one of the challenging dikes at the Arab Potash Company.

The scope of work for this stage is comprised of the rehabilitation and reinstatement of Dike 19, which include the successful impoundment of the pond and the monitoring of the dike performance during construction.

ACES scope of work includes monitoring over five hundred (500) different geotechnical monitoring instruments including but not limited to magnetic extensometers, inclinometers, electrical and standpipe piezometers.  Furthermore, the scope includes drilling of geotechnical boreholes, installing new instruments, and carrying out seismic piezocone (SCPTu) tests at the end of the construction stage.

The project's main contractor is Bauer, the consultant is Dar Al-Handasah, and the owner is Arab Potash Company (APC).