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ACES Khobar is glad to announce the successful completion of the geotechnical investigation for Ma’aden's Tailings Storage Facility (TSF).

The completed scope of work was extensive and multifaceted. It included drilling 20+ boreholes, reaching depths of up to 20 meters, along with the accompanying SPT and push sampling tests. Moreover, our team carried out other in-situ tests, including seismic piezocone penetration with our specialized CPT machine, electronic vane shear, and dissipation tests to evaluate the soil’s shear strength and consolidation properties.

As part of the investigation, the retrieved samples were assigned to a laboratory testing schedule that included oedometer, pinhole dispersion, Emerson class number, multistage undrained consolidated triaxial, and consolidated undrained direct shear tests.

At ACES, we are committed to delivering exceptional quality and leveraging our expertise for the successful execution of geotechnical investigations. This project with Ma’aden underlines our dedication to excellence, and we look forward to continuing to serve the industry with our top-tier services.