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ACES KSA Geophysics Unit has successfully installed Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP) and Tide Gauges at Umluj Governorate (Tabouk Region) to map directional waves, currents, and water levels for six months at designated locations for the Red Sea Development Project.

ADCP is a marine apparatus that measures wave and tidal currents. ADCPs are currently the best equipment needed to measure the time series of wave heights, wave direction, and wave periods simultaneously with current speeds and directions at various layers of the water column. A wave observation survey with ADCP provides the required wave parameters to be used for engineering design, while current measurements provide the speed and direction of currents at various levels of the water columns.

The ADCP installation is part of a broader scope on various packages for the Red Sea Development Project that include onshore and marine geotechnical investigations, construction material testing and quality control, and environmental monitoring and testing.