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ACES Jordan has participated in several capacities in the First Engineering Consultancy Conference held in Amman-Jordan between 24-25 September 2019. In addition to being one of the sponsors, Dr. Izz Eddin Katkhuda, ACES Partner & Director, was the head of the organizing committee whereas Dr. Amjad Barghothi, ACES Jordan Regional Manager, was a member of the committee. Moreover, Dr. Izz delivered a keynote presentation on “Global Trends in Design and Engineering Offices”. The presentation covered key points in the engineering sector including the power curve and economic profit, corporate organization structure, management and governance models, and the three horizons of growth.

One of ther conference objectives was to identify and discuss the restraints and challenges facing the engineering consultancy profession. Additionally, the conference aimed to further develop the competencies of the engineering consultancy offices and to elevate its performance, in order to enable it to effectively compete in the local, regional, and international markets, boosting the national economy.