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ACES Doha is pleased to launch fire resistance & reaction to fire testing services which encompass certification and inspection for fire-rated products.

The safety testing and inspection services offered make ACES Doha the first and only local laboratory certified by Qatar Civil Defense for fire-rated product testing and certification and one of the few agencies in the Middle East to provide the service.

The ACES fire testing scope includes, but is not limited to, door sets, rolling shutters, glazing elements, concrete masonry walls, openable windows, gypsum boards/panels, AAC walls/panels, sandwich panels, cement boards/panels under non-load bearing construction type application and others type construction.

Additionally, ACES Doha's fire testing, inspection, and certification services include testing, site inspections/factory inspections, and periodic surveillance against product requirements per ASTM, BS-EN, DIN standards, and other rules and specifications.