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The Pile Testing and Instrumentation Regional Center of Excellence (RCE) was established in response to the increasing popularity of pile foundations in the region and the increased complexity of projects that require close monitoring. The Pile Testing & Instrumentation RCE operates at the forefront of the industry standards, providing a full range of monitoring services before, during and after construction

The scope of services of the Pile Testing & Instrumentation RCE includes:

  • Pile testing services
    • Low strain integrity testing (PIT).
    • High strain pile dynamic testing-concrete (PDA).
    • High strain pile dynamic testing-driven marine steel piles (PDA).
    • Cross-hole sonic logging (CHSL).
    • Pile borehole caliper logging testing (CALP).
    • Koden pile/barrette borehole diameter & verticality testing (KODEN).
    • Static pile load testing (compression, tension & lateral)
    • Instrumented static pile load testing (compression, tension & lateral)
    • Bi-Directional/O-Cell static pile load testing for working piles (compression & tension)
    • Bi-Directional/O-Cell static instrumented pile load testing for non-working preliminary test piles (compression & tension).
    • Thermal integrity profiling of concrete piles (TIP).
  • Geotechnical and structural instrumentation
    • Measurement of pore water pressure and groundwater level.
    • Measurement of inclination.
    • Measurement of settlement.
    • Measurement of ground movement.
    • Monitoring of cracks and crack propagation.
    • Measurement of tilting of structures.
    • Measurement of load.
    • Measurement of pressure/stress.
    • Measurement of strain.

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