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The materials technology and testing conducted at ACES covers a wide range of specialized services, from routine testing of construction materials and extending the consultation on complex problems related to the materials technology and its applications.

ACES materials technology and testing services consist of:

  • Materials technology.
  • Asphalt, concrete and mortar mix design.
  • Mechanical and physical testing of:
    • Concrete.
    • Soil and rock.
    • Aggregates, stone and raw materials.
    • Bitumen, bituminous materials and asphalt mixes.
    • Steel reinforcement.
    • Metals (Metallurgy).
    • Construction materials and products.
    • Building components.
    • Special engineering materials.
    • Paints, additives and resins.
  • Chemical analysis of soils and water for foundation design recommendations.
  • Chemical analysis of construction materials for quality control purposes (aggregate, cement, steel reinforcement, admixtures, mixing water, coatings, ceramic tiles, etc.).
  • Environmental testing.
  • Non-destructive testing and loading of structures.
  • Water tightness and durability testing of structures.
  • Pile testing and instrumentation.
  • Consultation on construction materials and quarrying.
  • Design of materials testing laboratories.
  • Conduct research programs and training courses.

The material testing at ACES is conducted in accordance with British Standards (BS), American Standards (ASTM), German Standards (DIN), European standards (EN), or International Standards Organization (ISO). Additionally, our labs have been accredited for compliance with ISO/IEC 17025-2005 standard for a wide range of physical, mechanical and chemical tests.

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